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Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Reasons why white men should… A message to the Minutemen and Minute women of America

Let me give you some reasons why
white men should support
the CIR act and immigration reform
“He was a great patriot, a humanitarian, a loyal friend; provided, of course, he really is dead"  Voltaire
     For years we have been hearing about the minuteman movement and why we need our citizens to protect the border against invading poor people.  The proposed Immigration Reform in front of congress needs your support and there are compelling reasons to pass it.  For those who have open minds, let me give you a few of the reasons.
  1.      The minuteman movement can perform a valuable service if it concentrates it’s over-taxed man-power on drug dealers and the terrorist who will eventually lower himself from free airplane rides to several days walk in the desert.
  2.      Despite radical claims, the US is short man power, especially in the sense of unskilled labor.  How long did you have to wait for breakfast last time you ate at a restaurant?
  3.      Most of us have immigrant ancestors somewhere in the past.  Not all came through Ellis Island.  We are a national of immigrants, a melting pot.  It is this melting pot that gives us our strength.
  4.      Many of those on the Border Patrol who have law enforcement training could be better used in our fight against terrorist attack by air.  When was the last time a shoe bomber of under-ware bomber encountered a Federal Air Marshall?  We know they are out there, but they don’t seem to be in the right place at the right time…because there are not enough of them!
  5.      If reform is not made there is a chance we will have to truly militarize the border, a feat which violates the constitution.
  6.      Since border life requires the use of weapons for self defense, it is a feather in the cap of the gun lobby.  Concentrating on the real bad guys makes this a valid point. 
  7.      While the Minuteman Movement is not a “white” movement per se, as there are a few people of other races who participate, it is seen as a “white” movement.  Those who show good faith by supporting rational immigration reform will foster better race relations.
  8.      The immigration system in this country is broken, that is why fathers and mothers as minute-men spend their time away from families hiking the border.  The CIR act will apply significant resources to securing our border.
  9.      Mexico should be our first defense against terrorist attack.  Better relations with the Mexican government will strengthen those relations.  Likely, the Mexican government’s resources are also taxed dealing with illegal border crossing.  The military is locked in deadly battle with drug dealers.  Why not encourage that movement?
  10.      The plight of undocumented workers represents an era of oppression and loss of civil rights the likes of which this country has never seen.  The loss of those rights affects every U.S. Citizen, regardless of race, religion or national origin.  When we help others to start businesses, pay taxes and raise families that have not been separated by deportations we strengthen the fabric of our society.
     Personally, I dislike the term “white” to define a race.  The only true “white” guys I know about are albinos.  Seeing as I have never had the pleasure of meeting an albino, the next closest thing to “white” I have seen are attorneys who are over-worked to the point of being near death.  They have spent so much time inside they get no sun to tan their hides.  Worse, as they earnestly partake of an unhealthy lifestyle their brains become devoid of blood and their rational selves disintegrate.
     Hanging on to our old ideas is a way of living in the past and keeping the country in the dark ages.  We need your support in passing Comprehensive immigration reform 
Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  We need your voices and your input.  Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) is active now and needs your support.  I encourage each and every citizen to become familiar with the proposals of the CIR act.

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